Oddinary 1.jpg




This piece is one of the first that I was able to shoot on the Phantom. It came about organically. I called up my friend, Seattle fashion icon and photographer Avi Loud, with an idea of shooting models in super slow motion. He told me that he had the perfect brand to make it happen. Enter Clinton Huges and his brand Oddinary. We were able to blend the photographic elements of a fashion photoshoot with the motion of filmmaking all while focusing on the detail that Clint had put in to his clothing line. 


Directed By | Avi Loud
Director of Photography | Ryan Hills
Edited by | Ryan Hills
Color | Ryan Hills and Avi Loud
Wardrobe | Oddinary
Styled by | Clinton Huges
Featuring | Shakir Rodriguez | Megumi Shauna Arai | Daniel Ecks
Special Thanks | Strange and Wonderful