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OC Notes | Hum Drum Killas

OC Notes | Hum Drum Killas


The current political climate in America has escalated around a central issue: police violence and the use of excessive force, specifically toward young black men. Helping Stephan and Otis visually capture what this song was about was an honor. I have always looked up to Stephan as a director. This was an extremely tough, but unbelievably important and relevant story that needed to be told.  

(from the director) S/O to all the officers in uniform who live true to the words, "To Serve And Protect". Thank you for all of your efforts to improve safety and genuinely keep the peace.
To all the officers in uniform who only serve and protect those filled with hate...those unqualified to possess a firearm... unfit to be an authority figure... to those who have unjustly taken the lives of others...and continue to go without consequence......may your pig body rot upon the floors of Pandemonium, and eyes open for eternity.


Director/DoP/Editor | Stephan Gray - 1st AC/Phantom Op | Noah Abe - Phantom Op/Tech | Ryan Hills - Movi Operator | Justin Brown - Underwater Tech | Sunshine Whitton - Grip/PA | Kenny Loewy - Producer | Zack Tupper - Associate Producer | Kyle Seago - Firearm Technician | Wade Gaugren - Lighting Tech | Josh Eveline - Dog Owners | Jeff Skierka & Roslyn Hyde