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Terry de Gunzburg

Terry de Gunzburg


This series of tabletop product spots were designed to use in camera techniques, light, and specular reflection to accentuate the unbelievable detail in each product. We used a Dito Gear Motion Control to program each precise movement. A custom screen configuration was built to project different designs that matched perfectly with the shape of the product and the perspective of the camera. This allowed us the ability to use light as paint and bring out the ultimate beauty of the product. Precision, control and focus on minute but important detail allowed this project to be a success. 


Production Company | Strange and Wonderful

Directed By | Will Hyde

Creative Direction, Cinematography and Editing | Ryan Hills

Creative Direction, Lead Design | Jake Wegesin -

Projection Design | Jake Wegesin and Austin Hochstatter -

Motion Control Techs | Austin Hochstatter and Ryan Hills