Odesza | A Moment Apart Trailer

Odesza | A Moment Apart Trailer


Directed By: Sean Kusanagi
Producer: Robert Speewack
Associate Producer: Kyle Seago
Director of Photography: Ryan Hills
MoVi Op / 1st AC: Justin Brown
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
PA: Kyle Leonard

Brittany Newell
Adrian Milsap
Becca Smith
Melissa Hoshizaki
Rebby Foster
Adrian Milsap
Kwesi Phillips


Creative collaboration is essential in successful filmmaking. Odesza's A Moment Apart trailer was one of those projects that required this level of teamwork. From the moment that Sean called me with his idea to putting the final grade on each shot, our unbelievably talented team was able to create images that communicate Sean's brilliant, cinematic vision, setting the tone for the release of Odesza's third studio album, A Moment Apart.